“We Only Dated For 2 Month”- Sharon Ooja share her beautiful love story (video)

We’re here to revel in the internet’s buzz over Sharon Ooja’s wedding. The stunning actress shared details of her heartwarming marriage to her husband in a sit-down interview with Bella Naija.

According to Sharon Ooja, she met her husband through her sister, who introduced them during a period when she was experiencing the worst heartbreak of her life.

Initially, she wasn’t interested, but after having a few conversations with him, she realized she liked him.

Sharon Ooja recounted that during their talking stage, she mentioned to him that she would be going out with friends, and he didn’t call her for two days.

When she confronted him about it, he said he didn’t want her going out as a single lady anymore, and that marked the beginning of their relationship.

She shared that while she was filming a movie in the desert, she encountered the Holy Spirit, who put in her soul that Mr Nwoke was her husband.

Sharon Ooja said that she dated her husband for about two and a half month, after which he proposed to her, and after two months, they had their civil wedding.

The blushing bride looked really excited when she was narrating the story, and it was clear that she enjoyed sharing her love story.

Mr Nwoke was hidden from the eyes of the public prior to his traditional wedding ceremony with Sharon Ooja.

When Sharon Ooja released her engagement photos, she shielded her future husband’s face from the world, and this made him an instant internet mystery.

So far, the internet has been able to witness him talk, and it was during the wedding when he was gushing over his bride. He stated that she was a blessing to him, and that he had gained sisters through Sharon Ooja.