“Omo! Davido no like better thing oo” – Netizens troll Davido over the decoration from his wedding as videos from Sharon Ooja’s wedding surfaces

Details of Sharon Ooja’s wedding venue have just been revealed, showcasing flawless decoration.

Adorned with gorgeous overhanging flowers and a spiraling floorboard, the venue exudes class and ambiance.

The seating arrangement is spacious, providing ample room to move around. The beige chairs perfectly complement the multicolored beauty of the flowers hanging in almost every corner, creating a stunning design.

While some admired the craftsmanship of the venue designer, others couldn’t resist bringing up the past, dragging Davido into the conversation and comparing Sharon Ooja’s wedding decorations to those at the singer’s wedding.

Here are some of the comments comparing both wedding decorations;

just_luxury_09 wrote, “This is heavenly!!! Show them how’s being done boss !!!”

nurse_aimie wrote, “This was the decoration I was expecting for David’s traditional wedding aje”

tz_oma wrote, “This was the event planner I was expecting Davido to use, but his choice”

roseisola2 wrote, “Dis is what we called classic not commotion”

babybankeventtreats wrote, “Shey David no like better thing ni”

bububal35 wrote, “Now, this is what we call a breathtaking decoration that I wanted to see for someone’s like David.”

pwetty_milly wrote, “Let’s try to appreciate people without comparison. In btw this deco is really divine”

dwedea wrote, “This is nice. Colors and David had white and gold. Also nice your stop that cracks comparison.”

thejerneyfeels wrote, “TbhI was expecting sth like this from chivido”

Davido’s wedding decoration was gold themed, with hanging chandeliers, and a forest themed center piece that hung from the ceiling like a waterfall.

The seating arrangements were set up in a close-knit circle, leaving space in the middle for passage.

The table decorations were top-notch, featuring electric candles as centerpieces and tall flute glasses that added a chic touch.

Personal preferences significantly influenced the comparison between the two wedding decorations, as both celebrities have different personalities and tastes.