Actor Kunle Afod presented cash gift of 400,000 Naira to late Alasari’s wife and daughter

Nollywood actor Kunle Afod has shared a video on his social media page, featuring the wife and children of the late veteran actor Alasari, as he extends his help to them.

In the video, Kunle Afod expressed gratitude to his fans for supporting the family and providing gifts.

He thanked the late veteran’s wife for responding to his call and mentioned those who promised to send gifts, while also speaking with her daughter.

She replied that some has being sending her money and still promise to send more money to them.

Kunle Afod also talked about those that wanted to help in taking care of their children school fees,  the then told her that some fans sent him to her with the sum of four hundred thousand naira.

Kunle Afod wrote in the caption “Alasari’s fans supported his wife and children
I say a big thank you to everyone who supported
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Many netizens react to his video

Rera alasari wrote: Thank you so much sir❤️ may God continue to bless you abundantly 🤲 And to everyone who support us in one way or the other 😔we are so much grateful 💯may your pockets never run dry🤲 Thank you Kunle afod tv✅ Thank you everyone💃

Popsy Farhan wrote: A big shame to Odun Adekola,Mr Latin,Olaiya igwe ,and so on for ignoring this family despite their father’s effort on them.

oladokunraphael wrote: white bros I’m not supporting anyone but one thing I will tell you is no one is entitled to your wealth…if you wish to give it out willingly fine and if you don’t heaven will not fall my bro. Na me and you go tighten our belt make life no set us back bro. Na who Dey do well people deh know so me if I ask you for help you no do am God don’t want you to help me niyen or it maybe some spiritual hindrance affecting people from helping me so you need to first be conscious of yourself and lastly blame yourself for not doing better or beg God for mercy….Note: Im a cheerful giver… can give anyone my last penny so don’t see it as it’s coming from a stingy person it’s just my new experience that gave me understanding of life

Juliana wrote: u ppl problems is u always think one’s Dey call anyone celebrity u always think dey re wealthy lik politicians,even wen Alasari died odunlade stil dey hustle lik German machine,u think na so is easy for dis country if u re not into fraud/politics

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