“My wife can testify that I am a NUPE man” – Ibrahim Chatta replies fan who ask if he lasts long in bed over despite eating junk food every night

After Nollywood actor Ibrahim Chatta disclosed an unusual habit he’s developed in his old age, a fan inquired about his sexual prowess.

Ibrahim sparked reactions from his fans and followers by revealing one of his peculiar habits. On his Instagram page, he shared a video of himself drinking a mixed bowl of ice cream, which he claimed was beneficial for his health. He mentioned that since the inception of the popular Cold Stone, he has been mixing his ice cream and drinking it like pap.

In the comments section, one fan questioned whether he is still able to last long in bed.

“Sir do you last on bed?”.

Surprisingly, Ibrahim Chatta replied letting him know that he does as he is a NUPE man.

Actually I do. I am a NUPE man”.

Nupe is an ethnic group native to North Central Nigeria. They live near the confluence of the Niger and Kaduna rivers in West-Central Nigeria.

Many fans reacted

Officialsholakosoko wrote: Bro Ibrahim 👏👏👏 Keep enjoying yourself in the mansion you called village.  Ekare 😂😂😂

Flavoralagbo wrote: If u believe him u are at risk 😂na Nupe  man as he dey drink am it fit be say na his enemy body the Jedi dey go like that 😂😂

Floragold wrote: Baba ur thing go Dey sleep oo he no go Dey active oo 😮

Funmilola wrote: Person dey age backward and he said he has been taking this for years and some of you are still here advising him 😂😂, is that not a curse for you guys? Make unah carry unah Cho Cho Cho go front ooo.