Video of bride sent back by church for wearing off-shoulder wedding gown cause serious buzz online

A transformation video of a Nigerian bride’s wedding dress, after her church denied her entry due to its off-the-shoulder design, has captured significant attention online.

The bride, identified as @asoebispecial on TikTok, shared a video documenting her ordeal after being denied entry into her church because of her off-the-shoulder gown.

The video, which quickly gained traction on social media, showcased the bride’s initial wedding gown, featuring an off-the-shoulder style that the church deemed inappropriate.

The incident prompted her fashion designer to quickly devise a solution, transforming the dress to meet the church’s requirements.

The footage unveiled a before-and-after sequence, showcasing the stunning modification where makeshift sleeves were added to cover the bride’s shoulders.

“POV: Your church didn’t let you go in with your off-the-shoulder dress on your wedding day so your designer had to find a quick hack. Wait for the bridal transformation,” the video caption read.

Netizens Reactions…

@Kara said: “Thank God for the Christians in the comment section that’s lifting up the head of the church. God bless you. The wedding dress is so beautiful.”

@Miss Ri commented: “I don’t understand why They do these petty things to embarrass you and punish you to set examples but cover up the bigger sins they commit! Seriously it’s pathetic.”

@Everything_oma said: “Be like una dey find talk churches get these rules since nor be una first marry for church respect their rules or go marry for another place una go dey act like say dem nor counsel una before the marriage day.”

@user3479911128743 wrote: “Wawo love you dress but lets stop with my church didn’t allow me this or that. You been a member of the church or something family or hubby might be.”

@FineWine said: “I know it’s all clout chasing for internet validation but bear in mind, she was told during the counseling, she either wanted to stand her grounds, or simply do her wedding somewhere else.”

@Mhiz Vivian added: “My wedding dress is set simple and classy. I no like stress abeg. Ur home is blessed dear.”

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