Real Reason Why I Always Hide My Girlfriend’s Face – Olumide Oworu

Nigerian actor Olumide Oworu is in a serious relationship that many people are unaware of. Earlier this month, he posted a birthday picture with his girlfriend, celebrating her with the message: “Happy birthday to the most amazing girlfriend in the world ❤️. Your kindness, beauty, and warmth light up my world in ways I never thought possible. Grateful for the gift of you. I love you x 😘.”

As always, even in that post, Olumide hid his girlfriend’s face, a practice he follows every time he shares her picture. This has led to speculation, with people wondering if he hides her face out of fear or for some other reason. Now, Olumide is opening up about why. Here’s what he said.

During an interview with Susan Pwajok, Olumide Oworu was asked: “So why did you retire from the streets? What happened? What changed?” to which he said:

OLUMIDE OWORU: Honestly, and I’m not even trying be cliche or anything, but when you meet the one, you just know. Everything just becomes seamless. That transition is just like, seamless.

“So you feel like you found the one?”

OLUMIDE OWORU: I feel like I’ve found the one.

“So why haven’t we seen her face?”

OLUMIDE OWORU: The industry that we are in will take a lot from you. So, in the tug of war, I’m trying to hold on to some things for myself.

“Would you say you’re scared of showing her face before somebody will snatch her from you?”

OLUMIDE OWORU: I dare people to try. Like I’m a very secure guy in my relationship. But, at the end of the day, it’s important that I have certain aspects of my life private for myself as much as possible. We will still get there. The unveiling go choke, don’t worry. But until then, it’s on a need to know business.