Peller Shade Saida Boj for Snubbing Him During His Early Days As An Influencer After Olamide Gifted Him 6M

Popular content creator Peller criticized Saida Boj for ignoring him during his early days as an influencer, just hours after Olamide featured on his TikTok live and gifted him N6 million.

In an online video, Peller revealed how Saida Boj had ridiculed him when he had few TikTok followers.

He mentioned that when he had only 700k followers, she snubbed him when he sent her a ‘Hi’ on TikTok.

Now, with his TikTok following grown to 2.7 million, he criticized her, mocking her for looking down on him.

He also taunted her, reminding her that Olamide joined his TikTok live and gifted him 6 million naira.

Read some comments from netizens below:

tonia.gram_ said: “Who else noticed that the way he made his videos (with the whole pause and continue), is the same as Saida’s way of making videos. The shading no be small”

djkumzy_600 said: “He actually kept his cool until now .Revenge x1000″

djchicken_kukuruku said: “You never funny for a while guy I wonder why olamide call the werey”

okanlawon307 said: “Moral lesson!! Don’t underestimate anyone just bc you bigger than them at that moment bc you don’t kn what tomorrow holds”

thestudentconnectv said: “Who else doesn’t find Peller funny”

iam_djgeorge said; “So you can’t leave 1 million for a fine girl like ashmusy”

ask_of_jnr20 said: “Peller is bigger than her”

Watch video below…