Nigerian Football Federation Bans Striker Victor Osimhen, Intends to Set a Deterrent Example

The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) has reportedly imposed a ban on Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen. The federation declared its intention to use the Osimhen case as a deterrent, aiming to prevent other players from publicly criticizing or disparaging national football heroes and legends.

A member of the NFF board revealed that Osimhen would be used as an example to discourage similar behavior in the future. According to the source, Osimhen’s actions were seen as crossing the line.

“He (Victor Osimhen) crossed the line with his outburst. Even when Finidi called him to explain, he still didn’t deem it fit to retract his statements. We won’t condone that, and after the Salah break, we will address the issue. I can tell you he won’t be in the team until he says sorry for his actions,” the board member concluded.

This move underscores the NFF’s stance on maintaining respect and discipline within the national team. The federation hopes that by taking a firm stance on Osimhen’s case, it will set a precedent that deters other players from engaging in similar conduct, thereby preserving the integrity and respect for national football figures.