Nigerian Father Shares Heartwarming Before-and-After Photos of His Sons’ University Graduation

A Nigerian father has sparked a conversation on social media by sharing before-and-after photos of his two sons graduating from university to illustrate their growth.

The recent post has gained significant traction on a popular social media platform.

In the initial photo, the man is seen holding the hands of his two young sons as they graduate from basic education.

In the subsequent photo, the father stands proudly with his now grown-up sons, celebrating their graduation from university.

The heartwarming images have garnered over 300,000 likes, thousands of shares, and numerous comments. Many people have shared their thoughts in the post’s comment section.

See some reactions below:

Ruby of Life💎❤️: “awwwwwn this is so beautiful 😍 congratulations Daniel and his cute bro.”

🌺ADA_GHADAFFI🌺: “This is my primary school,our savior of I’m not mistaken.”

Zubbylove3🦋🦋🦋: “Thank God for growth because that boy wey wear pink be wan become pablo.”

Melody Fits✂️✂️: “Daddy came dripping 🥰🥰 may our fathers live to reap der hard work🙏.”

Quee fabulous: “In-responsible men go think say na magic☹️may God bless all responsible and patient men 👏🏿.”

Res_Q 🇳🇬-🇬🇧: “This is the most beautiful picture i have seen on TikTok today wooow 💯.”

hee dha tah: “the way I had goosebumps and my heart melted I started crying God may our parents be Alive to eat the fruit of their labour and everything good in this life😭😭😂.”

Special Favylee🥹❤️‍🔥: “I will graduate with both parents I pray so 😭🙏🙏 most beautiful video have seen today 🥰.”

Raphael: “Proud of my journey thus far 😌😌meanwhile make una steer clear from my papa.”

Corazon: “This will be my husband and my two sons in few years time. But I’m going to be in the picture too.”

🧿🦋🍭quashe🍭🦋🧿: “Who is cutting onions 😭❤️this is beyond beautiful 😍 may we that never had fatherly love find it in our husbands 😭💔.”