Nigeria Couple Rejoice As They Receive 200M Cash Gift On Wedding Day

A newlywed couple was overjoyed when they received a generous N200 million cash gift on their wedding day.

In a video shared on TikTok by MC Yannist, the groom’s brother walked up to the stage to present a cheque for N5M and six plots of land as a wedding gift. This was the only visible gift shown in the footage.

However, the caption on the video read: “200 million wedding gift at a spot.”

While some viewers doubted the staggering amount claimed by the poster, others wished they had an elder brother like the groom’s.

See some reactions to the video

kii_ra stated: “They have people around them and not crowd”

iam_saint wondered: “How did you calculate ur 200million ?”

sheddyofthegoodlife said: “He that finds a wife obtaineth favor indeed 🙌”

misschidel stated: “Newly married couples go whine you, but no panic”

gifted_okon said: “God will give my elder brother the enablement to do more for me on my wedding! I get that her dress na man remain 😂😂😂”

sunnyadolor said: “God abeg ,I which my elder brother see this 😂”

midecupoftee said: “If no be instant transfer I no believe”