“My Family Comes First In Everything”– Taiwo Hassan Ogogo Celebrate Her Sister As She Bagged New Title (Video)

Veteran Nollywood actor Taiwo Hassan celebrated his sister, Busola Taiwo, as she was coronated as the Grand Patron of an Islamic congregation earlier today.

The actor emphasized that family always comes first and that serving his family is never a burden.

He added that serving his family brings him joy and strengthens their bond.

His fans and colleagues congratulate the veteran actor Taiwo Hassan Ogogo over his sister latest achievement.

He wrote: Yes she is a TAIWO, @busola.taiwo.71 today is worth the stress.
Multitude of people gathered to crlebrate my blood @busola.taiwo.71 sister as she was coronated as the grand patron of an Islamic Congregation.

Family comes first, grounding us with a continuous purpose that spans generations. The duty to serve our loved ones is not just an obligation but a privilege, enriching our lives with deeper connections and a sense of belonging. Through the highs and lows, the unwavering support of family reminds us that we are never alone, and their love provides the foundation for our growth and resilience.

Serving family is never a burden; it is a source of immense joy and happiness. Every act of care and kindness strengthens our bonds and creates lasting memories that shape who we are. In moments of service, we find fulfillment and a profound sense of purpose, knowing that our efforts contribute to the well-being and happiness of those we hold dear.

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