Lady Attends PTA Meeting for Her Mother Who Returned to School After Having Children

In a heartwarming display of family support, a young lady attended a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meeting on behalf of her mother, who courageously returned to school after having children.

She shared a video on her TikTok page showing her mother in a school uniform, looking just like a regular schoolgirl.

Her mother, who hadn’t received much education before marriage, decided to return to school to further her learning.

When the PTA meeting came around, the young lady attended on her mother’s behalf.

She also revealed that she reviews her mother’s school notes to ensure she is taking notes in class.

Sharing the video on her page, she reflected on how life’s roles can sometimes reverse.

Check out her caption …

“My mom still goes to school and I’m the parent/guardian that goes for her PTA meetings. See how table turns.”

Reactions have followed…

@Diva said: “I love this which school is this, I’d love to enroll my mum, there’s no age for education.”

@dimma_710: said: “Same here. I will ask my mom hope you read your books for your exams and will say yes. I will be like I want you to pass after exams. She will inform me to check her results. Much love to all moms.”

Verclay23 commented: “Your mum is a super woman.”

Watch video below…