”I got pregnant at the age of 16” – Davido’s cousin Folasade Adeleke reveals

Folasade Adeleke, Davido’s cousin, spoke candidly about her experience as a sixteen-year-old mother in a podcast recording that recently went viral.

Folasade shared that she got pregnant at sixteen, which was a lot to process. Initially, she felt scared and regretful, but throughout what she described as her darkest time, she felt God’s presence.

Now thirty-one years old, Folasade has been a mother for at least fifteen years. She stated that no one can shame her because she knows who she is.

Folasade Adeleke’s revelation spurred a lot of reactions from netizens, and here are some;

odion_122 wrote, “I become a mom at the age of 16 I’m turning 27 in September, my daughter is turning 11 in October my mom make things so easy for me to the extent people hardly believe she’s my daughter everyday I thank God I didn’t do abortion, anytime I’m looking at her I can’t believe I have a grown up daughter like that D at first people we laugh at you, but at the end they still be the one to tell you wish I gave birth early like you”

match_maker9ja wrote, “Wow. Was the dude arrested for doing a minor?”

wavebrilliancemedia wrote, “Rich Kids always get pregnant fast why?”

dark_softie wrote, “Mistakes do happen and I am glad she took the bold step of accepting it”

raypines44 wrote, “So cos she became a mother at 16 she is strong. Una no well”

josephine1.1 wrote, “Rich man got pregnant at 16 she is strong poor man got pregnant at 18 she is loose lol it’s well”

iamdbull wrote, “A single mom is still a no no for me tho, but she’s beautiful”

tufab wrote, “My first son could have been 19 now if I didn’t pull out that day”

realedusky wrote, “Is she the same person as Nikko? Kinda confused”

zubbys_ glow wrote, “Suddenly everyone in the comment section got pregnant at 16?? Toor ok”

chris_udoh wrote, “Am sorry to say this and I pray it won’t happen. If my daughter get pregnant at age of 22 below I will disown her”

edutex_poundz wrote, “This is what they call podcast!!”

benny_orji wrote, “I so much wish to grow with my kids. There’s absolutely no shame in motherhood”

This piece of information that Folasade Adeleke gave to the public is one of the few insights that Nigerians have been able to get about her personal life.