How I Handle My Father Pressuring Me to Get Married – Falz Spill

Nigerian singer Falz is turning 34 this year and, as expected, is facing increasing pressure to get married and start a family. During an interview on Naija 102.7FM, the rapper opened up about the mounting pressure from his parents and explained his hesitations about marriage. Here is what Falz had to say about the pressure and why he has yet to get married.

Speaking about being single and how his parents have started mounting pressure for him to get married, Falz said about it:

FALZ: I am not married. I am a single man. Single to stupor. My parents now, it’s everyday. If I greet my father good morning, he would say the morning will be good if you were married. Both my mum and dad, although my mum has calmed down now. Maybe she has passed the baton to my dad. Anything small thing now na “how far na?”

Nobody fit pressure me. No one can pressure me into getting married, not even my dad [laughs]. Currently, I’m not dating anyone. I’m a straight man. I like women. But for a while now, I haven’t experienced a serious relationship. I was still in the university the last time I had a serious relationship.

This life that I live of being a celebrity, it’s not easy to balance it with a wife and family. And there are many things that we too have seen that are even happening publicly. That is, within industry, there are many things that happen publicly that when you look at it, you’ll feel like to have a healthy relationship and healthy career as an entertainer, it is hard. And so because of that, I just try to be careful. Nothing bad has really happened that has made me not be in relationship, I just want to be very careful.