How Davido triicked me into surprise bridal shower – Chioma Rowland

The latest bride in town, Chioma Rowland-Adeleke, recounts how her billionaire singer partner, Davido Adeleke, tricked her into attending a surprise bridal shower.

The news of Chioma’s surprise engagement party has recently gone viral, offering an inside look at how it all unfolded.

In a video, Chioma recounted how Davido initially tricked her into leaving the house with plans for dinner, completely unaware of the surprise awaiting her at the venue.

The mother of twins described her confusion upon arriving at the venue and her change of heart about dining out.

However, when Davido stepped out, she noticed the balloon decorations and began screaming in excitement.

Chioma’s joy was evident as she shared the story with her friends, who were genuinely happy to see the surprise unfold as planned.

In her words, “I know this event centre and David said I was coming to eat. He was trying to get the exact location and when he got outside, he asked somebody and I was like I don’t want to eat. That was when I got down and saw everything and started to scream.”

One of the videos captured Chioma’s joyful entrance into the hall, filled with friends and loved ones who had meticulously planned the entire surprise.

Watch the video below;

What Chioma thought was a dinner date turned out to be her bridal shower.#Chivido24

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