DONE DEAL: Marc Guiu has completed medical tests as new Chelsea player tonight in London!

Marc Guiu has officially completed his medical tests and is now a Chelsea player!

Key Details:

Medical Tests: Marc Guiu successfully completed his medical tests tonight in London.
Release Clause: Chelsea has paid the €6 million release clause to secure Guiu’s transfer from FC Barcelona. The formal documentation has been sent to Barça, confirming the payment.
Contract Duration: Guiu has signed a contract with Chelsea that will keep him at the club until June 2030.
Confirmation: The deal is now officially confirmed. Here we go!


Marc Guiu, a promising young talent, has made headlines with his transfer to Chelsea. The club’s swift action in paying the release clause and completing the medical tests highlights their commitment to bolstering their squad with top young prospects.

Looking Ahead:

Guiu’s long-term contract indicates Chelsea’s belief in his potential and their plans to integrate him into their future squad. Fans will be eagerly anticipating his contributions and development under the club’s guidance.

Marc Guiu is set to embark on an exciting new chapter in his career with Chelsea, and supporters will be watching closely as he begins his journey with the Premier League giants.