Congratulations Pour as Popular Prankster, Flowerboy Buys His Mother a Fully Furnished 6-Bedroom House Worth N350 Million

Popular prankster and content creator Flowerboy has purchased an expensive, fully furnished 6-bedroom house worth N350 million for his mother.

He shared photos of the new house and his joyful mother on his Instagram page.

In the caption, he congratulated his mother, noting that he had fulfilled his promise. He recounted a day when he returned from school to find his parents had been evicted, which was the moment he vowed to himself and to God to change their circumstances.

Flower Boy’s message after buying a house for his mother

His words: “Congratulations to my mum the latest landlady i kept my promise. I remember coming back from school feeling sad I couldn’t play that day in school I don’t know why but I could feel something was wrong when I got home running under that heavy rain. Rushing to enter inside my uncle’s house then I look beside my uncles house to the building opposite and saw my dad and mom standing with their backs all in front of them and my mom was crying and when she saw me my junior brother she busted into more tears

“I was confused at Dan but I understood what was happening. This is not our house. My dad has called me to decide of an uncompleted building two weeks back and told me look at this house. This is not our house told me a story of how he gave his life into smoking and doing up different things and he ended up staying at my uncle‘s place with his wife, which is not right I was still very little, but I was , listening to him so particular I knew what was happening. My father and my mother had been chased away from that house. I met my mom crying and I made a promise to God and I made a promise to myself.”