BLord melts heart as he reacts to Lyta getting called out by Ashluxe CEO,  offer him huge cash

BLord melts hearts with his warm response to Lyta being called out by Ashluxe CEO, Yinka Ashogbon, offering him some money.

Recall that recently, the singer had worn a fake shirt carrying the Ashluxe brand name.

This action enraged the CEO who took to his social media to drag Lyta publicly while warning others to not wear fake items carrying his store name.

Lyta seemed unperturbed by the social media backlash and proceeded to share a story, stating that he loved the brand regardless.

The scenario appeared to anger BLord, prompting him to advise Lyta not to worry about the backlash. He promised that Lyta would regain his fame. He also asked for Lyta’s account number to transfer financial support.

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