Actor Femi Ogedegbe recounts how he turned down druug business offers when he was trying to survive in Nollywood

US-based actor Femi Ogedengbe shared his survival and hustle experiences with popular talk show host, Teju Babyface.

During the interview, he revealed how he was introduced to the drug trafficking business in his quest to survive as an actor. He recounted an encounter with a friend from whom he wanted to obtain a contact number.

During their conversation, the friend started persuading him to carry drugs to the US, suggesting that despite having a visa, he was struggling unnecessarily. He pointed out that even young girls traveling abroad were involved in such activities.

He mentioned that his friend told him he was no longer wealthy but, wanting to help him as a “big boy,” advised him that the power of money lies in taking significant risks and gambles for success.

He further explained that the friend offered him 3 million if he agreed to join him on one trip, suggesting he go home and think about it.

Many netizens react to his words

Isacc sunday wrote: A lot of shady businesses are going on in that industry

Caz dd wrote: I don’t know why Yoruba people thinks that everyone understands their Language 😮😂…………I curious to hear the story but I can’t

Zayxon wrote: Alot of your favourite celebrities are into this business , don’t envy anybody…anyway we make websites and mobile apps

Ayomikun wrote: Uncle femi what an inspiration 🔥

Olamirewaju wrote: Egbon Femi Ogedengbe lati aiye alalumole👏👏🙌🏾🙌🏾

Mikeoajayi wrote: Not opinions.

These are facts!

You often wonder, what sort of job or business are they doing to be this influential and have alot of cash to throw around? Aren’t we also working? The Lord will surely help His own and keep them.

Exclusive wrote: Ds particular episode made me shed tears … God is not dead … God is God and He will always be God .. God will remember me soon too 🙏

Ariyo wrote: I remember when the story about the security Job came up in 2018…. That his reply/reaction is what shut people up🙌🙌