“What God cannot do doesn’t exist” – Nigerian lady celebrates graduation with father who miraculously revived after passing away in Dec. 2023

A Nigerian lady goes viral as she celebrates her medical school graduation with her father, who passed away in December 2023 but miraculously woke up after she prayed.

This heartwarming story was shared in a post on a popular social media platform.

The lady, celebrated by both her father and mother, revealed in her post that death tried to rob her of this beautiful moment but failed.

She explained that her father had passed away in December 2023, but after they prayed, he miraculously came back to life.

In the video, her father is seen joyfully making money rain on his daughter as she celebrates her graduation from medical school.

The caption, which explains the situation, reads: “December 26th, 2023, my father died!😭💔 We prayed😭😭😭😭 And miraculously he came back to life🙏🏾 What God cannot do does not exist!”