“We love you more than we may ever be able to humanly express”- Actor Ibrahim Suleiman gushes over son on his 4th birthday

Nollywood actor Ibrahim Suleiman is overjoyed as he celebrates his son Keon Iman’s 4th birthday. He shared photos of his son striking different poses next to a large “4” sign.

The actor noted that Keon had been eagerly counting down the days to his birthday.

He expressed his gratitude to God for answering his prayers by sending Keon into his life, showering him with prayers and expressing his endless love for him.

His words: “The way this little man has been counting down to his birthday though!!! With every passing week, he added another “9” after the decimal. Went from 3.5 years old in January, to 3.9 in May and by last week, he was on 3.99999999 years old 🤣🤣🤣 Keon Iman Suleiman. My hyper numeric little ray of #Sonshine. The way you have lit up our world is my favourite thing in the whole world. We prayed for you. Fervently. We asked God for you, and He over delivered.

“Happy birthday, our son. We love you more than we may ever be able to humanly express. God bless you. And keep you. And cause His face to shine upon you. As one of your aunties said, “We are all spectators and active participants to what the Lord graciously gave us front row seats to witness in the unfolding of the miracle called Keon Iman Suleiman”Only the Lord gets glory in your life, FOREVER! 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 🎁 🎊 WE LOVE YOU, HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY #CAPTAINCUTEFACE”