“They Cut My Hair Because He Said I Look Like Mwd Man”– Trending Video Of Olamilekan Agbaye And Peter Ijagbemi Goes Viral After There New Look (Video)

Olamilekan Agbaye shared a video showcasing his new style and a makeup artist working to attach hair to his head.

In the earlier video, the actor Peter Ijagbemi and other colleagues held Olamilekan Agbaye down as they cut his hair with scissors, remarking that it was too bushy and needed trimming.

When it was time to act on set, Olamilekan Agbaye needed hair to fit his role. A makeup artist was seen attaching hair to his head to ensure he matched the scene perfectly.

Recalled That Olamilekan Agbaye has finally discuss the trending video of his new car which was trending on social media few days back.

He revealed that while he was at a movie scene acting on a set, his movies director Adekola Tijani called him and was informed that someone gifted him a car he was surprised when he wanted to drive the car they said it was a prank.

He continued saying that God Almighty will do his own car for him because he has not lost hope yet on what God can do and for people billing him about Sallah goat because of the trending news, he just wish to clear the air that nothing of such happen.

Watch The Video Below;