“There is no one to help me, because I am pooor, he did not give me any money”- Baba Lawori cries out for help as he replied Kokozaria for attacking him (Video)

Veteran actor Baba Lawori has shared a video detailing an incident involving MC Oluomo’s boys while he was anchoring an event.

He revealed that while he was on stage doing his MC duties, Kokozaria sent one of his boys to summon him. When he got there, he was asked why he had not hailed or mentioned Kokozaria’s name. Baba Lawori apologized, saying he was unaware but would correct his mistake soon.

In response, Kokozaria addressed the situation online, stating that if Baba Lawori was sure he had sent his boy to beat him up, he should swear with his life and everything he holds dear.

The veteran actor also replied him back stating that ‘I am a good Muslim and I don’t tell lies. People like Kokozaria are the type that oppress people and nothing will happen especially from the terrible lies that are coming out of his mouth. He was the one that sent someone to call me from the stage and he said ‘Didn’t you see me on seat?’. Kokozaria you are my younger brother’s age mate. I am not a fool. Which money did you give me? If I had d!ed that day, this is how you would have lied against me. I have never come to you to ask for money’

Read some social media reactions below

Bubawalanta wrote: All his industry colleagues are quiet… This is unfair

Omoalade wrote: See how his colleague kept quiet on this bully and unacceptable act .

Djmagicbeatz wrote: I believe this man, seem he knows what he is saying

razzgay wrote:Baba Lawori is a legend… Let say this man got killed that day, online will be fill with RIP coming from actors,and actresses “for them to chase clout…. Please fight for him when he’s still alive 🗣️

Sil low wrote: Did y’all notice no one single actor stood for him like he’s nobody 😔…That’s their Demi god, so they dare not speak out🤦‍♂️…Biased sets of people

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