“The Pressure You Fans Put On Us Is Too Much, Celebrities Have Emotion And They Feel Pains Too”- Dayo Amusa Cries Out After What A Fans Did To Her

Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa has taken to her social media page to speak out on the trending issue involving actress Toyin Abraham.

She described the challenges that come with being a celebrity, highlighting the disappointments and pain that many fans are unaware of.

She further stated that the lack of privacy in a celebrity’s life means that everything they do is scrutinized on social media. Despite this, many fans seize every opportunity to bully, insult, and harass them.

She wrote: Being a celebrity may seem glamorous and enviable to a lot of people but it comes with challenges, disappointments and pains which is often hidden from the public eye.
Every of our moves are watched, criticized and scrutinized by the media / bloggers and the online judges.
We Lack privacy & struggle to maintain privacy & personal space. The need to constantly present a polished image can be really exhausting let alone the constant online harassments, insults, backlash & bullying. Unnecessary unrealistic expectations. Overwhelming Schedules. Difficulties in forming genuine friendship & relationships ( Trust issues and fear of exploitation ) Mental Health Stigma. The pressure to maintain a perfect image preventing us from openly discussing our mental health struggles. The constant comparison to peers & predecessors leading to one feeling inadequate.

Edakun make una always remember say behind the glamour & fame, Celebrities feel pains too.
WE ARE HUMAN TOO who face challenges, difficulties, disappointments & pains too. Stop killing us with your keypads 📌

Let’s live to create a more empathetic society and be kind.

@toyin_abraham You have done well by speaking your truth and you are loved ❤️ Oni foju sun kun omo

#jmvwithdayoamusa 🌹🌹🌹

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