“Stay Away From People Who Know That They Wrong You And Still Act Like You’re They Don’t Care – Lateef Adedimeji Advise

Lateef Adedimeji has advised people on the importance of choosing their associations wisely, emphasizing the need to avoid those who know they are in the wrong.

He highlighted that such individuals often engage in harmful and deceitful behavior but act as if you are overreacting or being dramatic when you address their actions.

Fans responded to his advice, with some suggesting that it’s better to completely distance oneself rather than just avoiding such people.

Stay away from people, who know that they wrong you,
they know that they have been doing you dirty but they act like you are crazy or overreacting or dramatic when you bring up their actions, that’smanipulation and emotional abuse at its finest .

Read some social media reactions below;

Temitopearemuofficial wrote: Don’t just stay away, run as far as you can for you sanity!!!! Caption 💯

Suzzyk_empire wrote: I will never allow them to keep hurting my feelings ✌️ Good afternoon sir

Doattimyname wrote: Walahi I love this caption. They will say you are overreacting 😂.

I_am_iyin_oluwa wrote: One of my best actor very intelligent and knows his story I mean acting weldone boss🙌🙌🙌

Zealot247 wrote: The exact word for it is “gaslighting” you should run very far from them, they will make you feel like you’re crazy.

Theversatiletemi wrote: Honestly 👌… They deliberately hurt you really bad & still act like the victim! Sadly, I have one at work till further notice ☹️🤦🏻‍♀️. In my opinion, I think they’re evil!

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