“Someone That Is Working Hard To Find Something To Eat”– Veteran Actor Baba Lawori Cried Out In Pain Over What Kokozaria Did To Him Why Anchoring An Event (Video)

Veteran actor Baba Lawori shared a video detailing an incident with MC Olumo’s boys while he was hosting an event. He explained that while he was on stage, Kokozaria sent someone to call him.

When he went over, Kokozaria asked why he hadn’t hailed or acknowledged him. Baba Lawori apologized, explaining it was unintentional and promised to correct his mistake.

Netizens reacted to the video, stating that this is the kind of behavior VDM is trying to address, yet people continue to blame him for it.

Read the summary below: On The 25th of June, I was on the stage as the MC of an event. Suddenly a guy walked up to me and said Kokozaria was calling me. When I got there he said didn’t I see him on seat and why did I not acknowledge his presence. I apologized to him that I would go back to the stage and make corrections. As I was turning to go back to the stage, a guy that was with koko took a bottle and broke it on my head. Immediately I was soaked in bl*od and I lost consciousness. I was rushed to the hospital where they stitched my head. Since that time, I have been in serious pain. I feed my family from MC job but right now I am so scared to go out. Nigerians Please help me’ -Actor Baba Lawori

Read some social media reactions below;

Richie_manie wrote: If VDM stand up for am now they will go arrest am say he dey call out name omo this is exactly what  VDM been fighting for but we been youth that is fighting for still some people were against him say how disrespecting people how on earth will u allow or order ur boy to break bottle on MC head cus he didn’t acknowledge you Nigeria my country well all is well sha

Lavivagoue wrote: An elderly man for God’s sake 🤦🏼‍♀️ the only thing going through my head right now is if this was my father what would be my reaction

Wharley770 wrote: Kokozaria,  you will learn in the hard way ,wetting that man do your boys ,you need to credit that man or else najaishimadun go settle am ,that bros must pay meters

Prince.abioye wrote: @kunleafod is there anything you guys can do about this matter cos I know it’s hard to go for them cos them be APC boys

Oluwa_phatboi wrote: Make agbero dey connected pass graduate imagine very lawless country the accused person can’t be arrested for the man to come cry online for justice

Watch The Video Below;