“Purity see! I wore it before you” – Regina Daniels teases Mercy Johnson’s daughter by wearing her 13-year-old wedding gown (Video) (Video)

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels was left blushing after wearing her senior colleague Mercy Johnson’s 13-year-old wedding gown.

Mercy, who cast Regina in her recent project, shared a touching video of herself dressing the mother of two in the gown she wore 13 years ago. Teasing her first daughter, Purity, Mercy pointed out that Regina got to wear her wedding gown before she did.

An emotional Mercy Johnson pulled Regina closer, gushing over her and describing her look as gorgeous.

Regina said in the clip, “Can you see? I’m wearing Mummy’s dress from 13 years ago. Purity, see, I wore it before you”.

Mercy replied, “You look so precious, like I’m getting emotional”.

Captioning the video, Mercy while describing Regina as her child, revealed to her fans that Regina was wearing her wedding gown.

“My own child, Regina, looks beautiful, wearing my wedding gown from 13 years ago”.

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One Anyaoha Benjamin wrote, “I seal this mother and child friendship with the blood of Jesus

One Symply Dinma wrote, “Giving her your wedding gown for her to wear is so huge. You see why I say I go love you until stan repent. You are so sweet my Queen. God bless you between Regina looked gorgeous. I love two of una scatter

One Official Vivian Davids wrote, “Your wedding gown? 13 years ago? This is so emotional. I love you more for doing this

One Viks Vico wrote, “The gown looks so good on Regina

One Oba K Solo wrote, “This is so beautiful”.