“Please! I love you both together”- Funke Akindele help Tiktoker Peller to apologize to his girlfriend Jarvis after she broke up with him

Jadrolita made it clear that she can’t date anyone under 40 years old, which automatically disqualifies Peller, who is just 22.

Peller was deeply hurt to discover that the person involved with Jarvis is a distant friend of his. When Peller came across their chat, he was so distressed that he cried.

Jadrolita stated that if it weren’t for content, she would have nothing to do with Peller.

Peller is yet to recover from this Shock 🤦‍♂️💔.
Funke Akindele has tried to fix the situation but it’s not going ..

She stated that she should forgive her friend peller that she love their content together and she does not want them to go apart.

Netizens react to her their fight

Folorunsh adekola wrote. Peller should focus on his education and acquire a very lucrative training like in IT. He is getting all the attention and money is coming in, He should think less of a woman for now. So he won’t be short of beautiful ladies.

Dada oluwaseun wrote: that’s life,av paid someone daughter school fees and at the end of the day,she served me breakfast,I always remember it all the time

Kolawole wrote: Peller should just be creating content with her and forget about dating her. The girl is not interested there are fine girls out there crushing on Peller. Let him focus on education because he needs it. The girl is more educated than him and that is the main problem.

Prince dikoboy wrote: All these small girls just chose Regina Daniels as thier role model for wanting to end up with ancient of days

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