My Husband Was Part Of The Challenge I Had To Deal With As An Actress Because He Was Ashamed Of Me – Bimbo Adebayo Spill

Nollywood actress Bimbo Adebayo has opened up about the many challenges she faces in the movie industry.

Speaking on the Oyinmomotv show, she mentioned that her husband is one of the challenges she faces as an actress.

She shared that her husband has, at times, expressed his shame over her growth in the industry, which made her cry. Bimbo explained that the entertainment industry inherently involves a degree of selfishness, which she accepts. She emphasized her independence, noting that she has always been on her own and did not join any groups, following her mother’s example.

When ever she is going to any location she will be the one to cater for herself and when her husband asks how was the location, she lies that the producer paid her well, that for the three days she spends she was giving 200 thousand

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