“If Am Coming To This World Again I Want Him To Be My Father”–  Femi Adebayo Disclosed How His Father Adebayo Salami Inspired Him To Be An Actor (Video)

Femi Adebayo has shared what inspired him to pursue acting despite being a lawyer.

He revealed that when he was young, his father, Adebayo Salami, would take them to school, and the admiration people had for his father greatly influenced him. He fondly recalled the excitement of people shouting and trying to meet his father, even though the level of fame was different back then.

Additionally, watching his father on TV and being recognized as Adebayo’s son fueled his desire to become an actor. The joy and respect his father received made Femi aspire to one day become a movie star himself.

He vows that he loves his father for being very responsible and for the way he takes care of and plays with his children. If he were to come back in another life, he would want him to be his father again.

He also disclosed that he couldn’t stop giving his father, Oga Bellow, his due recognition.

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