“I have always known I’ll be popular and rich in this industry”- Samuel Ajirebi reveal how his father also talks about settling down with only one wife

Nollywood actor and filmmaker Samuel Olasehinde Ajirebi has spoken about his life as an actor and the influence of his father.

He mentioned that he is not driven by money, but he has always known he would achieve fame and fortune in this industry.

When asked why he chose to remain committed to one partner despite the nature of the industry he works in, he shared his reasons.

Pa James Ajirebi responded that if one has a wife who does not cause any problems, there is no need for another wife.

Pa James recounted how one day he brought his young son, Samuel, to the movie set where he was working. He asked Samuel what he was doing there, noting the irony that just as his son had brought him to the studio today, he used to take Samuel to the movie set back then.

Samuel added that as a playful child, he found himself on the movie set where another child was struggling with a role. He was asked to step in and play the role, which he did very well. Since then, he has been acting.

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Olabisi wrote: Pa James. I disagree with you. You are a contented man.

Deollyrichie wrote: Is it the Small tonosobe phone on his hands for me 😢 I just pray his children excel in all they do🙏

Deejaybrain wrote: Excuse me sir Dey play😂