“I Cried Seeing What Was Been Done To My Husband”– The Wife Of Veteran Actor Lawori Speaks On How His Husband Was Beaten In Her Presence (Video)

The wife of veteran actor Baba Lawori has finally spoken out about what Koko Zaria did to her husband in her presence.

She revealed that she was at the venue and was deeply saddened by how her husband was treated, as there was no one to come to his rescue.

Netizens reacted to the video, criticizing Yoruba actors and actresses for not stepping forward to help, suggesting they are all benefiting from Koko Zaria’s patronage.

My Wife Account of the Truth

In response to KOKOZARIA’s false claims, I, Afusat Opeyemi LAWORI’s WIFE I am speaking out to share my eyewitness account of the events that transpired on that fateful night. I was present at the event and witnessed everything firsthand.

Contrary to KOKOZARIA’s lies, he did not give us a bundle of money as a gesture of goodwill. Instead, I received a missed call from KOKOZARIA on my husband’s phone, which was with me at the time. When I went searching for my husband, I found him sitting among KOKOZARIA’s associates, which was unusual since he was supposed to be working as the MC.

KOKOZARIA then instructed me to send account number to the last number that called the phone, which I did. It was only later that I realized something terrible had happened to my husband. I started crying and wanted to seek help, but KOKOZARIA stopped me, saying it had been “settled.” What kind of settlement is it when someone’s husband is brutally attacked?

As I stood there crying, KOKOZARIA started spraying money at me, which a lady nearby helped pick up from the floor. It was a humiliating and traumatic experience, and I will not stand idly by while KOKOZARIA spreads false information.

I hope this video sets the record straight and exposes KOKOZARIA’s deceit. Thank you for watching, and please share this video to help spread the truth. #justiceforlawori #truthprevails

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