“I Can’t Express How I Feel Rigth Now” Teen Actress Fisayomi Olamide Rejoice As She Win Award Of ‘The Most Popular Actor In Nigeria Language’

Fast-rising actress Fisayomi Olamide Amodemaja, popularly known as Abebi, is filled with joy and gratitude after receiving the award for Most Popular Actor in a Nigerian Language.

She expressed her appreciation to everyone who gave her opportunities and motivated her to become who she is today.

I am speechless , I am overwhelmed and I am so emotional right now , this is super huge……. oh my God , I am truly honored to receive this Award as the MOST POPULAR ACTOR (FEMALE) IN NIGERIAN LANGUAGE, Jesus …….🥲

@mpcelebsaward ….Your recognition of my efforts is highly appreciated and serves as a significant motivator, It is gratifying to know that my commitment to the film industry has had a positive impact, this is a special moment in my life this is an encouragement, thanks so much for this special recognition…
My Ardent Famz …… you are the best of all the time , you are my energy boosters , I can’t thank you enough my amazing family, A big shout out to my Daddies, Mummies, Uncles Aunties , Producers, Production Managers, Marketers, Directors and most especially my EPs in the industry i promise to keep making you proud , I specifically appreciate my boss @tundeolayusuf, ,thank you sir , Maaami….. @iyaabebi_alaga ,the Senior Abiyamo of the universe, Ejika mi ,you will forever be cherished, my best brother @callmemodite , my Friend Sister @fikayomi_latifaijogbon ,thanks for your love ♥️

Special thanks to Daddy @bola_oyinadejobi , Mummy @officialadesanyatoyosi and my Beautiful Mummy @princessomolocal_1 for receiving this award on my behalf , Tampan…….. Success 💪💪💪💪home and abroad , I will always make you proud

I dedicated this award to God Almighty and my Ardent Famz home and abroad , God will continue to bless you all, Thanks for voting for me , thanks for always supporting me, I will forever be grateful 🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️♥️