“I am ready to Kpai, but before I kpai, I’ll make sure everybody that bulllied my son and husband wouldn’t go scot-free” – Toyin Abraham vows as she blows hot (Video)

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham responded strongly to critics accusing her of detaining the mother of a troll.

Earlier, a user on X accused her of arresting his mother, calling her shameless and urging her to send more police to arrest everyone.

In response to the allegation, Toyin clarified that while she can tolerate personal insults, she draws the line at people cursing her children and spreading lies. She emphasized that she never arrested his mother; she simply reported a cybercrime as a responsible citizen.

The Twitter user further claimed that the movie star had his mom picked up from her shop and taken to Panti police station, praying for God to judge her. Toyin Abraham responded by calling his accusations lies and clarifying the situation.

In a subsequent Instagram Live session, Toyin reiterated that she never arrested anyone’s mother, emphasizing that she was merely exercising her democratic rights. She explained that the bullying she faces is due to her support for another person, insisting she never took money from him. She also mentioned receiving threatening messages ever since.

Toyin declared she is ready to face any consequences, but before that, she will ensure that everyone who bullied and defamed her faces justice.