Bimbo Ademoye Biography; Education, Filmography, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Car and House

Bimbo Ademoye is a Nigerian actress, model, and television personality known for her notable appearances in Nollywood films and TV series. Born on February 4, 1991, in Lagos State, Nigeria, she has gained recognition for her talent and versatility in the Nigerian entertainment industry. While I don’t have access to real-time information and updates, I can provide you with an overview of Bimbo Ademoye’s biography, career, net worth, education, and some of her notable works.

Biography and Education:

Bimbo Ademoye was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She had her early education at the Nigerian Navy Primary School and the Nigerian Navy Secondary School in Ojo, Lagos. After completing her secondary education, she proceeded to study Business Administration at Covenant University in Ogun State, Nigeria. Bimbo has always been passionate about acting, and her dedication led her to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.


Bimbo Ademoye began her acting career in 2014, and since then, she has been featured in numerous Nollywood movies and TV series. She made her breakthrough in the popular television series “Taste of Love” in 2016, where she played the lead role of Tolu Williams. Her outstanding performance in the series earned her critical acclaim and a growing fan base.

Following her successful debut, Bimbo went on to appear in other notable productions such as “Desperate Housewives Africa,” “Husbands of Lagos,” “The Family,” and “Heaven’s Hell.” She has showcased her versatility by portraying diverse characters across different genres, ranging from drama to comedy.

Bimbo Ademoye has also ventured into the modeling industry and has collaborated with several brands for commercials and endorsements. Her striking looks and charismatic presence have made her a sought-after personality in the Nigerian entertainment scene.


Some of Bimbo Ademoye’s notable works in Nollywood include:

  1. “Taste of Love” (2016)
  2. “Desperate Housewives Africa” (2016-2017)
  3. “Husbands of Lagos” (2017)
  4. “The Family” (2017)
  5. “Heaven’s Hell” (2018)
  6. “Personal Assistant” (2018)
  7. “Looking for Baami” (2018)
  8. “Sugar Rush” (2019)
  9. “The Therapist” (2020)
  10. “Breaded Life” (2021)

Net Worth:

As for Bimbo Ademoye’s net worth, specific figures are not publicly available. However, as a successful actress and model in the Nigerian entertainment industry, she has undoubtedly amassed a considerable fortune through her acting projects, brand endorsements, and other business ventures.

Boyfriend, House, and Car:

Information about Bimbo Ademoye’s personal life, including her relationship status, house, and car, is not widely disclosed in the public domain. Celebrities often prefer to keep their personal lives private, and it is important to respect their privacy.

In summary, Bimbo Ademoye is a talented Nigerian actress known for her exceptional performances in Nollywood films and TV series. With her dedication, skill, and growing popularity, she has become one of the prominent faces in the Nigerian entertainment industry. While details about her personal life and financial status may not be readily available, her contributions to the entertainment world continue to captivate audiences and solidify her position as a rising star in Nollywood.