Actress Adunni Ade Finally Breaks Silence on Alleged N250,000 Debt to Late Murphy Afolabi, Reveals What Transpired

In a recent turn of events, popular Nollywood actress, Adunni Ade, has come forward to address the allegations surrounding her supposed N250,000 debt to the late actor, Murphy Afolabi. Breaking her silence on the matter, Adunni Ade shared her side of the story, providing evidence to support her claims and shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the alleged debt. The revelations made by the actress offer a fresh perspective and allow for a more comprehensive understanding of the situation.

The Alleged Debt:

The controversy surrounding Adunni Ade’s alleged debt began when the news of her owing N250,000 to Murphy Afolabi circulated in the media. Murphy Afolabi, a well-respected actor in the Nigerian film industry, sadly passed away earlier this year, and the issue of the debt gained attention posthumously.

Adunni Ade’s Response:

Adunni Ade, known for her remarkable performances in various Nollywood movies, decided to break her silence on the matter. In a detailed statement, the actress shared her account of events and presented evidence supporting her claims.

According to Adunni Ade, she acknowledged that Murphy Afolabi, whom she considered a close friend, had indeed lent her N250,000 during a period of financial strain. However, she explained that she had always intended to pay back the borrowed sum and had made several attempts to do so.

Proof of Repayment Attempts:

To substantiate her claims, Adunni Ade presented evidence of her efforts to repay the debt. She shared screenshots of conversations, text messages, and bank transactions that demonstrated her repeated attempts to return the money borrowed from Murphy Afolabi. The evidence painted a picture of a sincere and diligent individual who actively sought to fulfill her financial obligation.

Unresolved Misunderstanding:

Despite her consistent attempts to repay the debt, Adunni Ade revealed that the situation remained unresolved due to a misunderstanding. She explained that she had faced several challenges in meeting the repayment deadlines, primarily due to unexpected financial setbacks and the loss of her father, which greatly affected her emotionally and financially.

Adunni Ade expressed her regret over the unfortunate turn of events, emphasizing her intention to honor her commitment to the late actor. She extended her heartfelt condolences to Murphy Afolabi’s family and expressed her desire to settle the debt amicably with them.